ZTE expands smart meter portfolio with LoRa based models


In a press statement, the solutions provider announced the release of its new single-phase smart meter, single-phase prepaid smart meter, and three-phase smart meter.

China’s largest-listed telecommunications equipment company claims its products are compliant with smart meter reading systems’ requirements for long distance transmission of small data supporting the LoRa communication technology.

Due to the Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Digital Spectrum technology within LoRa, the smart meter data communication process can be adjusted to adapt to different distances and rates.

With regard to power consumption, the technology reduces the power utilised by the modules to as low as 90 mA@17 dBm during data transmission, 13 mA when receiving data and less than 0.7uA when the smart meter is on standby.

The smart meters also support other various communication protocols including the RS485, M-BUS, ZIGBEE, RF-MESH, PLC GPRS.

In addition, the LoRa-based smart meters are compliant with the IEC 62056-dlms/COSEM, IEC 62055-STS payment system and other smart meter protocols.

Smart meters certification

Launch of the ZTE smart meters follows an announcement in early March by Californian Solar Data Systems that three models of its Solar Log smart meters and technology for residential solar PV plants received UL certification.

In a press statement, Solar Data Systems said the UL (Underwriter Laboratories) 2735 certification approves safety and standards adherence of the smart meters for installation in any home in the US and Canada.

The certified 350, 360 and 370 smart meters combines Solar Data Systems’ solar PV monitoring technology Solar-Log with Aclara’s residential I-210+ utility meter.

Solar Data Systems said its product line combined with Aclara’s solution, offers residential customers real-time error detection, self-consumption monitoring, as well as inverter direct, weather station, power management and grid feed-in control.

[quote]Commenting on the development, Anton Kaeslin, president of Solar Data Systems, said the certification is an integral part of a global strategy to continuously enhance the Solar-Log technology, a major part of which includes product safety and testing.

The certification added to products’ previous ANSI C12.20 and ANSI C12.01, UL 61010-1 as well as CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1-12 certifications in accordance with safety requirements for electrical equipment.