Sagemcom electricity meter
Smart grid solutions firm, Sagemcom, will showcase its latest smart grid technologies at the European Utility Week currently being staged in Barcelona until November 17th

In a press statement, the French-based solutions firm said it will exhibit its latest T210 CEN-A/FCC three-phase electricity meter.

Sagemcom claims the new three-phase electricity meter is G3-PLC Alliance certified and comprises multiple security suites, which utilities can opt to include according to their project requirements.

The firm said it believes the green book 8 DLMS-COSEM security suites 0, 1, 2 integrated within the meter equips utilities automated metering infrastructure with a secure, high-speed data acquisition, processing and telemetry.

The meter supports both the Cenelac A (European) and the FCC (North America) G3-PLC protocols hence enables utility firms to meet with regional PLC standards.

In addition to the T210 CEN-A/FCC, Sagemcom said it will also introduce its new Data Concentrator and Smart Data Gateway XP6000 series, which supports the North America and European G3-PLC standards.

Kaveh Razazian, Chief Technology Officer of Energy and Telecom at Sagemcom, said: “…innovation raises the bar for the entire industry in architecting the future smart grid with greater integration, removing regional regulatory boundaries and new operational efficiencies.”

Electricity meter development

In the first quarter of 2016, Sagemcom announced that it entered into an agreement with IoT technology company Sierra Wireless.

Under the agreement, Sagemcom will use Sierra Wireless modules in its smart meters to be deployed by electricity utility Enexis in the Netherlands in 2018.

Sierra Wireless said its new HL7690 LTE Cat-1 embedded modules, which are part of the company’s AirPrime HL Series product portfolio, will be integrated with Sagemcom’s X210 smart meters.

Sagemcom will provide the Dutch energy supplier Enexis over 1.3 million smart electric meters using 4G LTE. [Sagemcom signed to develop Dutch specified smart electric meters].

Jean-Philippe Sacriste, Director of Energy Department at Sagemcom Energy & Telecom, said: “We have long-term experience with Sierra Wireless and have been integrating their modules into many of our smart meter deployments in Europe because they deliver leading-edge cellular technology.”


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