NESA, a Danish electricity company, will deploy the first ZigBee™-enabled system for AMR in Europe, using the Freescale Semiconductor. The system uses Freescale’s ZigBee-compliant platform with system design by alliance partner Develco.

The AMR solution provides utilities with the ability to wirelessly monitor electricity use. Consumers will also be able to monitor and control home appliances and receive home intruder alerts remotely via text messages (SMS). NESA plans to expand this level of service in future to include features such as allowing customers to control and monitor their homes via mobile phones even if they are in another country.

The NESA wireless system consists of an electricity meter, GSM/GPRS communication capabilities and an embedding ZigBee-enabled modem; a 230V AC switch/dimmer with ZigBee modem; and an infra-red battery-powered detector, embedding ZigBee enabled modem. /