Renewable Energy



Optimised grids and system flexibility critical to reaching net zero

We need to drastically increase flexibility within our power systems to ensure sufficient renewables integration and achieve the world's net-zero pledges and Paris Agreement goals.

Call for rapid scale-up of hydrogen in UK

The trade association Hydrogen UK has called on the government to move rapidly from hydrogen strategy to delivery.
energy storage

Long duration energy storage – 1.5-2.5TW by 2040

The Long Duration Energy Storage Council projects that such storage needs to be scaled up to 400x present day levels.

IESO to integrate local and provincial networks in $1.4m smart grid pilot

IESO announced $1.1m in funding for a smart grid pilot that aims to integrate local energy networks with the provincial grid for reliability.

UK’s BEIS awards contract for development of hydrogen standards

A new development is expected to help the UK accelerate its transition to hydrogen for energy, transport, and industry decarbonisation.

Romania’s Restart Energy to fund renewables on blockchain

Restart Energy Innovative Technologies AG is launching a security token offering (STO) to raise CHF7.99 million (US$8.5 million) on the blockchain.