£40 million local smart energy system, VPP announced for West Sussex


UK smart energy storage and solutions company Moixa has announced plans to build a virtual power plant (VPP), made up of solar panels, batteries, and electric vehicles (EVs).

The project, to be based in Worthing and Shoreham-by-Sea, will be supplemented by a rollout of clean energy infrastructure in 250 council homes, and 100 schools and council buildings. The new efficiencies gained by the rollout, coupled with the VPP, will generate 4MW, and have a 4.2MWh storage capacity.

Moixa’s grid-management solution, GridShare, will use machine learning and AI to tailor the new equipment to customers’ best benefit, and hopefully, save as much as 40% on power bills.

The VPP will be the first part of a consortium-led, £40 million smart local energy system. Plans include a marine source heat pump, a combined heat and power system, a grid-scale battery, air source heat pumps, and a refuelling station for electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

It’s envisioned that once the entire project comes online, total capacity will be in the region of 7.65MW, and over 17MW of storage.

The project has been supported by West Sussex County Council and the Carbon and Energy Fund, who estimate that a national roll-out of similar projects would potentially save the UK up to £32 billion, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 2,000 tonnes a year.

Chris Wright,chief technology officer at Moixa said: “This project will show how solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles at home and in the workplace can play a vital role in creating a smart, low carbon, energy system, cutting energy bills, saving the country billions and helping to meet our climate targets.”

Are you interested in the move to virtual power plants in the UK? Norway’s Statkraft recently announced that their UK VPP has a capacity of over 1GW, and they intend doubling it in 2019. Click the link for a great two-minute read.