A smart contribution towards a sustainable energy supply


With the Paris Agreement on climate change, 195 countries set a legally binding target, which should keep global warming limited to well below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels. Dangerous consequences for human society and natural ecosystems should thus be averted. The target is for zero (if not negative) CO2 emissions from all areas of society.

In order to achieve global energy and climate policy targets, greater focus upon heating and cooling is required. In buildings and industry, heating and cooling account for 51% of total European energy consumption, with a similar distribution globally.

When taking into account households in the EU only, almost 80% of the total energy consumption is used for heating and hot water. Although energy for cooling is significantly lower at EU level, it nevertheless plays a very important role, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere and parts of the United States. However, in the summer months, there is an increased demand for cooling from households and companies within the EU – this trend is additionally reinforced by climate change and the resulting increase in temperature.*

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As described in the Renewables 2018 Global Status Report by REN21, 48% of worldwide energy-related greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to heating and cooling. Only 10% of global heating and cooling is generated using sustainable energy.

Taking these facts into consideration, it becomes clear that decarbonisation of the energy supply is not possible without a transformation of the global heating and cooling supply.

With its digitally networked smart metering solutions, Diehl Metering is making a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in the heating and cooling sectors. The intelligent energy meters and other sensors provide a large number of measurements and data that can be used in a future-oriented way by intelligent analyses.

Thereby the aim is to make processes more efficient and to reduce costs.

With the product families, SHARKY and RAY, Diehl Metering offers innovative energy meters for heating and cooling measurement. The SHARKY 775 with its precise ultrasonic technology was again awarded 5 out of 5 stars for measurement accuracy and measurement stability by the AGFW heating meter test. The AGFW is an independent and neutral energy efficiency association for heating, cooling and combined heat and power.

Utilities and industrial customers worldwide can use the meter data, collected regularly and fully automatically by the IZAR communication system, via smart analyses of the IZAR software for more energy-efficient heating/cooling production and distribution – for example, enabling actual consumption-oriented energy allocation.

Together with a Danish utility Diehl Metering realised an efficient district heating supply: The Brønderslev Forsyning A/S holding company is responsible for district heating, water supply and wastewater treatment in the Danish city of Brønderslev. The utility has proven to be very interested in innovative solutions and was awarded the 2018 district heating prize by the Danish District Heating Association for its decentralised combined heat and power plant.

Together with the utility, Diehl Metering has implemented a comprehensive fixed network solution for the automated readout of over 4,600 SHARKY 775 ultrasonic energy meters.

With the smart analyses of the meter data management software IZAR PLUS portal, Diehl Metering facilitates Brønderslev Forsyning A/S’s energy efficient heat production and distribution. The utility can use the IZAR PLUS portal to view the data for each meter, including the difference between the forward and return temperature (spread).

In this way, faults and abnormal operating conditions are immediately identified and can then be regulated. In addition, households with poor heating behaviour can be offered proactive advice to avoid unnecessary heating costs. This has allowed Brønderslev Forsyning A/S to reduce the return temperature from an average of 40°C to 37°C, which amounts to a saving of €60,000 per year.

To provide consumers with intelligent leak protection, the utility has opted for the additional implementation of SHARKY FS 473 ultrasonic flow sensors in each house’s return pipes. The flow sensors are connected to the SHARKY 775 meters installed in the flow pipe to automatically record and compare the flow rates in the flow and return pipes.

Should a value deviate from the predefined range, the ultrasonic energy meter will set off a leak alarm. Thanks to the regular, fully automated reading of meter data, the utility can notify its customers of leaks in their houses via email or SMS – if they so wish. This service is well received by the customers of Brønderslev Forsyning A/S because it effectively prevents costly damage to houses.

In order to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide, along with sustainable heating and cooling networks, energy-efficient consumer behaviour is indispensable. Therefore, Diehl Metering offers utilities the opportunity, for example, to provide customers with an innovative consumer app – IZAR@ HOME – that can ensure conscious consumer behaviour through transparency, visualisation and the ability to compare.

Diehl Metering supports utilities and industrial customers worldwide in reaching the full potential of intelligent heating and cooling systems. The successful implementation of smart metering including the intelligent analyses of meter and sensor data is a crucial step towards a sustainable world.

*Source: Heating and Cooling facts and figures, 2017, Heat Roadmap Europe 4


Diehl Metering is a corporate division of the Diehl Group, headquartered in Nuremberg. With a total annual turnover of €3.75 billion, the technology company employs around 17,200 people worldwide. Diehl Metering provides smart metering solutions to utilities by connecting various metering related devices to larger data platforms. These solutions offer transparency for utilities and municipalities and enable considerably increased efficiency in reading, billing and service processes. Diehl Metering’s customers are also able to benefit from real-time effects such as early recognition of leaks and the optimisation of distribution networks through intelligent information regarding prompt adjustment of the offer to suit actual needs.