Abu Dhabi to develop new and customised energy scenarios


In Abu Dhabi, the Department of Energy has expanded its cooperation with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to advance its energy transformation.

The Abu Dhabi DoE and IRENA will exchange experiences and best practices on energy sustainability as well as:

  • Develop customised energy scenarios
  • Review strategies and plans related to energy and its effects
  • Study social, economic and environmental impacts of the energy transition and related policies
  • Develop planning modules and predict use methodologies
  • Link the use and management of water and power
  • Plan the integration and resilience of energy systems
  • Design the energy market.

The two parties will conduct joint research and development projects, exchange data and various statistics as well as create training events and workshops on renewable energy.

“[The] Abu Dhabi Department of Energy has an ambitious strategy that aims to improve the energy sector, enhance the efficiency of energy use and achieve the emirate’s sustainable development. Based on that, we are establishing international agreements that support Abu Dhabi’s plans, the development of renewable and clean energy resources and the emirate’s shift towards the green economy. The department’s goal is to achieve the government’s orientations to improve all sectors, attain economic, social and environmental sustainability and create a promising future for forthcoming generations,” said H.E. Eng. Mohammed Bin Jarsh Al Falasi, Undersecretary of the DoE.

“The Department of Energy has a longstanding strategic partnership with the International Renewable Energy Agency, enhanced by the agency’s headquarters being located in Abu Dhabi. During the upcoming period we will work to activate the agreement with the implementation of plans, strategies and policies related to the renewable energy sector in the emirate, employing the highest international standards and measurements. This agreement will open new horizons for foreign investments, launch projects that will enhance Abu Dhabi’s leadership in the global energy sector, and serve the economic vision of Abu Dhabi 2030,” Al Falasi added.