Albania and the DRC have a cleaner fuel mix than China and the US


Global data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows how powerful nations like the United States and China produce some of the largest amounts of renewable energy, with the US producing more than 635,000GWh of energy and China over 1.5 millionGWh. 

Although these are impressive figures, as the UK only generates roughly 99,000GWh, not all is as it seems.

When comparing the amount of renewable energy to other sources, both China (25% renewable energy) and the US (15% renewable energy) have some of the poorest fuel mixes. European nations like Germany (29% renewable energy) and France (18% renewable energy) are also performing poorly.

On the other hand, poorer developing countries like Albania and the Democratic Republic of Congo are producing 100% renewable energy.

Energy experts Business Electricity Prices analysed recent global data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and have created an interactive map to visualise how much renewable energy each country generates and how much renewables impacts their fuel mix.

Across the globe, many nations are producing nothing but renewables. With four countries already hitting the coveted 100% mark, there are a number of others who are proudly placed at over 90%. Southern African countries, for example, are performing disproportionately well with Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and Mozambique all generating a fuel mix of at least 50% renewable energy. 

Business Electricity Prices has explored how the top green countries have committed to renewable energy resources, and how harnessing all of a country’s natural resources could be how the rest of the world catches up.