Almost every American supports the extension of clean energy tax incentives


The results of a survey conducted to understand voters support on clean energy tax incentives for solar, wind and energy storage in the US has been released.

The study was conducted by Global Strategy Group and has found that:

  • Americans overwhelmingly support extending tax incentives for clean energy and would change their vote based on the issue. 89% of voters support the extension.
  • 95% of Democrats, 86% of Independents and 83% of Republicans support the government’s extension of clean energy tax incentives.
  • American voters believe tax credits are not only an effective tool to combat climate change but also benefit the economy and public health.

Extending these tax incentives would be like eliminating the pollution from 77 million cars or 93 coal plants.

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The tax incentives have expanded the use of renewable energy 13 times over in the last 13 years and created over 350,000 high-paying jobs. Expanding them would nearly double solar deployment, help drive innovation and economic growth, and create over 100,000 more good jobs.

Extending clean energy tax incentives would fulfil 25% of US Paris Climate change agreement.

Click here to access the full results of the survey.

Alex McDonough, Sunrun’s Vice President for Public Policy, said: “Clean energy incentives like the Investment Tax Credit have given millions of people across the country access to solar and fueled innovation on batteries that provide backup power and support reliability.

“Solar is still less than 3% of our nation’s energy supply – now is not the time to walk away from this important policy.”