Argentina inaugurates its largest solar plant


A 100.1MW solar plant in Cafayate, Salta province in Argentina has been launched. The solar plant is part of the government’s RenovAr auction programme which is designed to expand the country’s portfolio of renewable energy resources.

Through the programme, the government has set a target to generate up to 240GWh of clean energy per annum.

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The solar plant location in Cafayate was chosen owing to the region’s high-volume of sunshine.

The plant which has more than 289,000 solar modules installed has been awarded a 20-year power purchase agreement with CAMMESA, the national wholesale power market administrator. The agreement is guaranteed by the World Bank.

The project is expected to improve the country’s grid resiliency and integrated clean energy resources.

The launch follows Argentina being hit by a massive power outage this past June. The outage left almost 48 million people in South America without electricity.

The plant was built by Canadian Solar.