AVANGRID files hydrogen storage and transportation proposals with DoE


US utility AVANGRID has filed its proposal to embark on various hydrogen production, storage, and transportation projects with the Department of Energy (DoE).

This follows the DoE issuing a Request for Information on measures the US can implement to expand its hydrogen market to decarbonise various industries.

A survey conducted by engineering firm DNV has identified the lack of infrastructure for hydrogen production, storage and transportation as the greatest challenge to market expansion. And as such, increasing focus on expanding hydrogen infrastructure will help enable low-cost clean hydrogen at scale in the US.

AVANGRID is proposing to ensure the US has adequate hydrogen infrastructure by developing production and storage facilities in Connecticut. The utility plans to construct a 20MW electrolyser and storage facility for its use by its gas and electric subsidiaries in the state. The electrolyser will be powered by offshore wind and additional grid-scale solar energy systems. If approved and developed, the project is estimated to produce 2.9 million kg of hydrogen per year, reduce carbon emissions by 25,000 tons per annum and is also expected to create between 400 and 800 jobs.

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In New York, subsidiary Rochester Gas & Electric will be partnering with various companies within the transport sector to explore hydrogen applications to reduce the sector’s carbon footprint. The utility plans to construct a multi-use hydrogen production and distribution facility.

In Maine, through subsidiary Central Maine Power, AVANGRID is exploring ways green hydrogen can be used in the manufacturing and transportation (trucking and aviation) industries for decarbonisation purposes.

The utility has also planned to construct green hydrogen production infrastructure in Oregon and on the Gulf Coast.

AVANGRID CEO Dennis V. Arriola said: “Our partners at Iberdrola in Spain and at ScottishPower in the UK are already developing commercial-scale green hydrogen projects. For example, Iberdrola is building the largest plant producing green hydrogen for industrial use in Europe.”

AVANGRID plans to leverage expertise gained from its partners in expanding the US hydrogen market.