Bryan University opens new sustainable energy training programmes


Bryan University has launched new training programmes which will focus on expanding skills on solar and sustainable energy.

The university is now offering a diploma for solar energy technicians and a degree for solar-sustainable specialist at its School of Trades nationwide.

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Students will be equipped with skills on how to design, construct and maintain of solar energy equipment.

Graduates will also be taught sales, marketing, and project management skills to have knowledge of the business side of the solar industry. They will also attend 135 hours of internship.

The launch of the programmes falls under efforts to cateer for projected growth of the solar and sustainable energy industries.

The programmes were also developed to prepare graduates for certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.

Michael Sowers, executive director of Bryan University’s online division, said: “We were initially encouraged by the results of our own viability study related to the need for this training and the national growth expected.

“That was really brought to life by working with our employer advisory committee, many of whom are at the leading edge of technology and energy projects throughout the country.

“We really made every effort to serve the needs of our employers and position our graduates to realise personal and professional success.

“The programmes can be completed 100% online. Frankly, we have been offering online courses since 2006 and the advent of some incredible learning technologies mean we can reach students on their time and in their homes.”

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