China installs tallest wind turbine, breaks record for installation time

China has set new records regarding the time spent to install a wind turbine and the height of the impeller.

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology has installed the impeller at the record-breaking height of 152 metres, breaking the previous record of 140 metres set earlier this month.

The wind turbine was installed in just two weeks in Yangzhou.

The turbine will contribute to the 46 tower Yangzhou Wind Farm project’s output to 100MW.

Zhiwei Luo, Manager from Zoomlion Crawler Crane, said: “The recently installed impeller, which is currently the tallest wind turbine in China, presented a new challenge for our crawler crane which was required to operate in difficult terrain. The result is a testament, not just to the incredible skill of the engineering crew and our on-site service team, but also the functionality and quality of our machinery. 

 “Wind power is an emerging clean source of power, but to utilise this source efficiently, we need to develop advanced dependable equipment continually.”