ENGIE signs cooperation deal to participate in ‘HyGreen Provence’ project

In France, ENGIE has signed a deal with the Durance, Luberon, Verdon urban area (DLVA) and Air Liquede to develop the HyGreen Provence project.

The DLVA region comprises 25 municipalities and 65,000 inhabitants.

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As part of the project, the companies will produce, store and distribute green hydrogen.

The project will include the companies developing and validating the technical-economic conditions for the production of 1,300 GWh of solar electricity, equivalent to the annual residential consumption of about 450,000 people, together with the production of renewable hydrogen on an industrial scale through water electrolysis.

The project will be developed in several phases with the first phase expected by the end of 2021 and the final phase in 2027.

The partnership aims to produce several tens of thousands of metric tons of renewable hydrogen every year.

ENGIE is providing its expertise in renewable energy and technologies including electrolysis and in the implementation of zero-carbon solutions for its industrial customers and the regions.

Air Liquide is bringing its expertise in the field of hydrogen from production to the final stages of usage.

The hydrogen produced will be used to power smart mobility, energy and industry sectors, both locally and regionally.

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Gwenaëlle Avice-Huet, ENGIE’s Executive Vice President in charge of Renewables, says, “Entering into the partnership heralds a ground-breaking alliance between large industrial groups in France, and a local with the support of the public authorities, that will accelerate the emergence of massive renewable hydrogen production projects in France. ENGIE is convinced of the importance of renewable hydrogen in providing “zero-carbon as a service” solutions to industrial customers and the regions.”

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Bernard Jeanmet-Péralta, the President of DLVA, says “First and foremost, HyGreen Provence is an ambitious and innovative regional project. It will embrace all those desiring consultation and dialogue, particularly the National Parks in Verdon and Luberon. We are involved in the dynamic that is the “Vallée des Énergies” together with partners such as the Iter project, the Cadarache CEA, Géomethane and hydroelectricity in Durance. We are thereby contributing to the energy transition in France along with leading industrialists which, through their respective expertise, bring credibility and viability to the requirement for zero carbon emissions.”

Guy Salzgeber, Executive Vice President and member of the Air Liquide Group Executive Committee supervising Industrial Merchant, Hydrogen and Innovation, said: “We are pleased to contribute to this flagship project, which will demonstrate, in France, on an industrial scale, the key role that hydrogen will play in the energy transition. For more than 40 years, the Group has developed a unique know-how in the field of hydrogen. With expertise in all production technologies—including electrolysis—the Group is now a leading player in the world with regards to low-carbon hydrogen energy production. This project is in line with the Group’s climate strategy, the most ambitious in its sector”