New renewable energy company launches in Sweden


Swedish fintech Enklare is extending its proposition into the energy market and is partnering with Eliq to help customers manage their energy.

Enklare, which means ‘simpler’ in Swedish, is a fast-growing Swedish start-up that has helped consumers to swap loan providers since 2015 through an innovative brokerage service.

Enklare has named the new energy company Grönare which is Swedish for ‘greener’.

Grönare allows customers to directly buy renewable electricity at wholesale price without a mark-up, charging their customers a flat monthly fee for the service.

The app, launching in Q1 for iOS and Android, uses advanced analytics on smart meter data and enables customers to better understand their energy usage, how it affects the planet and how they can reduce their usage.

The new energy firm is expected to help increase renewable energy adoption in Sweden.

 “As lines are starting to blur between utilities and other players in Europe, we are delighted to see another one of the new breed utilities adopting Eliq as part of their customer proposition and IT stack” – Håkan Ludvigson, the CEO of Eliq.