First customer-owned wind farm in the UK announced


UK start-up Ripple Energy has launched the UK’s very first consumer-owned wind farm. Graig Fatha wind farm in South Wales will be owned by the consumers it supplies.

Customers will own part of the wind farm by buying shares in the co-operative that owns Graig Fatha.  Around 2000 customers will be able to join this first pilot project. Ripple plans to launch more projects over time. 

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Ripple, along with partners Co-op Energy and Octopus Energy, plan for the project to be completed in 2021, with savings as high as 26% estimated on owners’ electricity bills.

The upfront cost for a typical household would be around £1900. This share of the wind farm would expect to generate enough electricity to meet the needs of a typical household for 25 years. People can choose to own as little as £250 worth (enough to supply 12.5% of a typical home’s electricity each year), right up to as much as would meet 120% of their annual electricity needs.

Co-op Community Energy, the joint venture between Co-op Midcounties and Octopus Energy, has already begun providing energy to customers from small-scale community generators, enhancing investment in renewables & communities, and driving forward the decentralised energy grid of the future.

Sarah Merrick, Founder and CEO of Ripple Energy said: “What could be better than owning a bit of a wind farm to supply your home with renewable, low-cost power. People are ready for change.  They want to create a better, cleaner future and we can enable them to do it.”

She added: “The move to a zero-carbon world opens up completely new ways of doing things. You can’t own a bit of a coal or nuclear power station to supply your home with electricity, but you absolutely can own a bit of a wind farm. Huge change is now possible, and people are embracing it.”

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