Florida municipalities release nation’s first joint climate action plan


The cities of Oakland Parkland and Wilton Manors in the US state of Florida have released the Two Cities, One Sustainable Future, climate action plan.

The plan is considered to be the nation’s first joint climate action plan by neighboring municipalities.

The plan includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1% per year through 2028

Contiguous borders and adjacent water and sewer systems render city boundaries irrelevant and artificial for the purposes of climate action.

Improving infrastructure and resilience without impacting businesses in the next decade

The two are members of the Local Governments for Sustainability USA (ICLEI), and thus will use tools developed by the institutions to review greenhouse gas emission rates and reduction programmes.

ICLEI is a network of local governments committed to climate action, clean energy, and sustainability, with more than 1,750 members worldwide. 

Wilton Manors has completed reviewing its greenhouse gas emission inventories using ICLEI tools and Oakland Park is in the review phase of completing its inventory.

The tools include;

  1. Conducting a greenhouse gas emissions inventory
  2. Establishing an emissions reduction target
  3. Developing a climate action plan
  4. Implementing the policies and measures
  5. Monitoring and verifying results

“The Wilton Manors-Oakland Park Joint Climate Action Plan will serve as our road map to achieve three primary goals: reduction of carbons emissions by at least 1% per year over a period of ten years, making our municipal infrastructure more resilient, and encouraging residents and businesses to prepare for higher sea levels and more severe weather events,” said Justin Flippen, Mayor of the City of Wilton Manors. “But make no mistake, the City Commission must invest in these goals, in order to prepare for the coming changes, and to ensure that our quality of life will be preserved for generations to come.”

“As a community leadership team, The Cities of Oakland Park and Wilton Manors have a responsibility to protect our natural resources for a more sustainable future,” said Sara Guevrekian, Mayor of City of Oakland Park. “Proper recycling, preservation of green space and the prioritization of smart growth are areas that we can all embrace. I encourage our Public Works & Engineering staff to continue to proactively engage us with participation and policy suggestions for a healthier tomorrow.”

Download Two Cities, One Sustainable Future Climate Action Plan here.