Global utility giants join to tackle wind turbine blade erosion


Five major energy companies from all around the globe have partnered in an initiative to better understand, and prevent wind turbine blade erosion.

The initiative will share data from trials at wind farms around the world on how various turbine blade protection systems, both in on-and-offshore facilities, perform in different operating environments.

The project is led by France’s EDF Energy, alongside counterpart ENGIE, US-based Duke Energy Renewables, E.ON and Innogy, based in Germany and Kruger Energy from Canada.

Data from annual inspections, carried out using the same methodologies, and during the same season to ensure consistency, will be gathered in a central database controlled by the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, who will manage access to the shared data.

The project intends studying a comparison of at least three products, with data set to include local atmospheric conditions such as UV exposure, precipitation, wind speeds, wind turbine type, and length of operation.

The initiative is looking for further partners from all onshore and offshore wind turbine operators and suppliers, including current trials.

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Morten Christiansen, Asset Integrity Manager of Innogy at Galloper Wind Farm said: “Blade performance is fundamental to the efficiency of a wind farm so by sharing data across numerous sites, the partners will be able to review how different leading edge protection systems operate and then apply the information to improve planning and maintenance.”

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