Heineken, Enel form historic 10-year 100% renewables alliance

Heineken Mexico and Enel Green Power have signed a 10-year renewable energy deal, which includes the utility leveraging clean energy to power the operations of the Dutch brewery firm in Mexico.

The 100% renewable energy deal includes Enel providing Heineken Mexico with 28.8GWh of solar and wind energy each year.

The energy will power operations at a beer plant in Meoqui, Chihuahua and is equivalent to planting more than 405,000 trees, avoiding emissions of more than 16,100 tons of carbon emissions, or removing 3,200 vehicles from the road for a year.

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The deal is part of efforts by Heneiken Mexico to reduce the impact of climate change.

Marco Antonio Mascarua Galindo, the vice president of corporate affairs of Heineken Mexico, said: “This alliance is historic and something to be proud, as it represents a firm step towards the goal of making this year’s operations of the company 66% renewable in terms of energy consumption, with the aim to achieve 100% in 2030.”

Heineken Mexico is using renewables to power six of its stores across Mexico and has managed to reduced its carbon emissions by 10% and a reduction to 2.8 liters of water to produce a liter of beer.

Paolo Romanacci, Enel Country Manager in Mexico, reiterates: “Enel is one of the largest private operators of renewable energy in the country, with a managed capacity of over 2,660 MW and around 320 MW of projects under construction.”