India partners for clean energy project with 60% lower carbon emissions than the grid


Utility firm GAIL Limited and the Indian Oil Corporation are partnering with real estate developer Atelier Global and energy technology company Bloom Energy to implement the Whitefield Tower clean energy project in Bangalore.

The US-India Strategic Partnership Forum will also participate in the project which falls under efforts to accelerate India’s transition to natural gas power.

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The Whitefield Tower will be:

  1. Powered by clean reliable electricity generated on-site using natural gas
  2. The first of kind with 87,000 sq.ft floor
  3. Harvesting daylight 100%
  4. Have double-skinned façades with shading louvres to avoid glare and heat
  5. Generating 1MW of electricity using natural gas supplied by GAIL and energy generation device provided by Bloom Energy.

The energy generation device was developed in Silicon Valley to generate low-carbon electricity using natural gas, biogas from landfills, food or animal waste, or hydrogen as fuel.

The device run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is less susceptible to outages than electricity sources that rely on overhead wires. The solution provider claims its technology produces 60% less carbon than the Indian power grid.

The decarbonisation of the energy industry is a hot topic disrupting the utility industry in India and will be a key focus at POWERGEN INDIA and Indian Utility Week conference which takes place in New Delhi next May. For more details visit or

The project is the first using natural gas-powered oxide fuel since the launch of the US-India Gas Task Force, which was established by the country’s energy departments to help India to accelerate the role of natural gas in its energy mix from 6.5% in 2018 to 15% by 2030.