IPVF joins Europe’s Solar Manufacturing Accelerator


French global collaborative research platform IPVF has joined “Solar Manufacturing Accelerator” to boost the development and deployment of solar pv manufacturing projects across Europe.

IPVF intends to play a key role in the development and implementation of a European industrial strategy for solar.

The news follows IPVF leading a coalition of more than 110 actors from the European solar PV industry in a campaign urging the EU Commission to make solar research, development and manufacturing a key pillar of the Green Deal.

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Aurelie Beauvais, Interim CEO of SolarPower Europe, commented: “It is great to have IPVF, as a leading French research institute and initiator of the Solar Europe Now coalition, join forces to ensure the success of the “Solar Manufacturing Accelerator.

“Showing a united front to support solar manufacturing in Europe has never been more important, as the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the strategic importance of re-establishing a robust solar manufacturing value chain. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation with IPVF, with the aim of highlighting the breadth of cutting-edge solar technologies and R&D ecosystems ahead of the launch of the European Commission’s ‘Industrial Forum’ in September 2020.”

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Roch Drozdowski-Strehl, CEO of IPVF, said: “We strongly believe that scaling up research and innovation investments is key to fostering the development of solar manufacturing in Europe and untapping its full potential, from both an environmental and economic point of view.

“Since its beginning, IPVF has been committed to developing cutting-edge industrial production processes and breakthrough technologies that pave the way for the strategic takeoff of the solar industry in Europe. We are very enthusiastic to work with SolarPower Europe and other actors from the ‘Solar Manufacturing Accelerator’ platform to propose concrete initiatives that would positively accompany this strategic value chain in its future expected growth.”

The “Solar Manufacturing Accelerator” is an initiative coordinated by SolarPower Europe. The initiative identifies project partners and reaches out to financial investors, with an overall goal of increasing the number of solar PV manufacturing projects in Europe, and contributing to the success of the European Green Deal.