UK initiative offers businesses free solar self-generation – with a catch


UK utility management specialists, Monarch Partnership is offering free solar panels to businesses as part of a new scheme to feed prosumer-generated grid supply.

The initiative will help fill the gap left following the closure of the state’s Feed-in-Tariff scheme in April 2019, which incentivised the sharing of self-generated power to the country’s grid.

The concept means that owners can generate power on-site, without having to pay for installation costs of the new solar system. The power generated however, is fed into the grid, not stored for use by the prosumer, and the power can be bought back at a discounted fixed-tariff rate.

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According to Monarch, participants in the initiative can expect reductions of up to a third on their annual energy bills.

Stephanie Strange, Carbon Consultant at Monarch Partnership, said: “This new scheme reinstates the financial incentives for renewable generation that disappeared along with the feed-in-tariff.

“Not only does it support energy cost management but will unlock emissions savings at a time when the carbon footprint of the UK’s building stock is coming under increased scrutiny as part of Government climate-change targets.”

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