New report explores digital twins in wind industry

Navigant Research has issued a new report analysing the role digital twins will play in accelerating the wind energy industry.

According to the study, digital twins promise to revolutionise the wind energy industry by optimising project performance and maintenance.

Digital twins can help wind asset owners and operators and turbine manufacturers to predict and plan for faults.

The research firm recommends wind turbine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to see themselves as both vendors and customers of the technology to leverage digital twins.

Independent software as a service vendors should mine the market and leverage third-party independence over wind turbine OEMs.

Jesse Broehl, senior analyst with Navigant Research, said: “Digital copies of operating wind turbines can enable asset owners to virtually and remotely monitor, test, and predict the performance and condition of turbines and subcomponents and carry out performance and reliability tests in a virtual environment.

“This empowers asset owners and wind turbine manufacturers operating wind turbines to predict and plan for faults and optimize performance of their assets.”

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