New report reveals corporate strategies for onsite distributed energy


Navigant Research has released a new report which analyses the different approaches being implemented by corporates in adopting and taking advantage of onsite distributed energy resources.

According to the report Implementing Corporate Onsite Distributed Energy Strategies, integrating onsite distributed resources is helping companies to improve customer relationships, energy efficiency and participate in the global clean energy transformation.

The increase in the adoption of onsite distributed resources including self-generation, energy storage, electric vehicles and demand-side management is a result of corporate sustainability initiatives of prominent companies trending.

Jessie Mehrhoff, a research analyst with Navigant Research, said: “By integrating onsite DER, companies are able to improve customer relationships, use energy-efficient technologies, and drive the global clean energy transformation.

 “This practice is expected to be adopted by leading companies across major industry sectors in an effort to increase energy cost savings and achieve corporate sustainability targets.”

Recommendations for corporates wanting to implement onsite distributed energy strategies include:

  • Working together with vendors to employ emerging data streams in the design stages
  • Use technology-agnostic platforms to build onsite DER portfolios in a modular fashion
  • Consider grid integration to stack the value of multiple DER technologies
  • Facilities and energy managers exploring financing mechanisms to boost return on investments For more information about the report, click here

For more information about the report, click here…