New York to eliminate coal by end-2020


New York state has finalised the adoption of regulations that will see coal-use end by year’s-end 2020, and ensure that all power plants in the state are adherent to the state’s new carbon emissions limits.

Coal plants have the choice to either transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources, or shut down by the deadline.

The state’s dependency on the fossil fuel has reduced since the start of the millennium, retiring or suspending nearly 3,000MW of coal generation.

New York has proposed the restriction of nitrogen oxide emissions from peak-demand plants, which in conjunction with the elimination of coal is hoped to improve air quality, and protect public health.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said: “As our federal government continues to support the dying fossil fuel industry, deny climate change and roll back environmental protections, New York is leading the nation with bold climate action to protect our planet and our communities.

“With the adoption of these final regulations, we are taking yet another step toward a cleaner, greener, long-term energy solution to safeguard the environment for generations to come.”

In the meantime, Britain has beat many to the post, recording the first week in the country’s history since the industrial revolution where no coal was burned to sustain the electricity system.