One unified event for the power and energy sector


European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, a three-day event that spotlights every part of the energy ecosystem, is coming to Paris.

From the 12 to 14 November, the influencers, innovators and disruptors in Europe’s transitioning energy sector will meet at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles to highlight the strategies and technologies that will deliver their shared vision of a fully integrated European energy system on a path towards decarbonisation.

An extensive and diverse three-day Summit programme will deep dive into the trends and future direction of each aspect of the sector – from generation to grid to end-users. The Summit programme is designed to stimulate meaningful and constructive dialogue while offering strategic insights into the most important aspects of the European energy evolution.

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With over 850 exhibitors, the bustling exhibition floor will give visitors the opportunity to see the latest technologies and solutions first hand, exchange ideas and share knowledge. This unified event offers a oneof- a-kind opportunity for practitioners to be at the heart of Europe’s energy transition and join decision-makers and thought-leaders to plan the path to a zero-carbon economy.

The event will feature a Hub Session programme with free conference content delivered from Hubs on the exhibition floor. Key industry experts at the sharp end of the sector will share their views on current opportunities in energy storage, renewable integration, digitalisation, the role of hydrogen, grid edge technologies as well as the challenges arising from a changing power generation mix.

European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe director Paddy Young said: “With 2020 just around the corner and decarbonisation targets set through to 2050, the sector now has essentially one unified event for all levels of the energy transition.”

The POWERGEN programme is spread accross the Summit programme as well as having two dedicated Hub on the exhibition floor: Distributed Generation and Lifecycle Management. Lifecycle Management spotlights the latest developments in both conventional and renewable power generation and places them within the wider context of Europe’s energy transition. It will focus on the latest innovations for re-imagining coal plants, examine the vital part that nuclear will play in any decarbonised future, and explore the pivotal role of gas-fired generation.

As James Watson, secretary-general of Eurogas, explains: “Most people are now seeing that the electric dream is very difficult to realise without another factor such as gas, and so scenarios and pathways for Europe that look to 2050 and beyond all maintain gas as a relatively significant part of the future. There’s a recognition that you won’t be able to achieve full decarbonisation without a strong gas sector.”

The programme will also highlight how digital innovations are bringing state-of-the-art efficiencies to all of these sectors.

The Distributed Generation Hub will cover all aspects of this developing sector, including the latest trends and innovations in cogeneration, district heating and cooling, renewables integration, and the exciting potential of using hydrogen for power generation. It will focus on the role of both gas turbine and gas engines in providing flexibility to the smart energy system and take a peek into some of the most promising emerging renewable energy technologies.

Hub Session programme topics being presented on the European Utility Week exhibition floor fall under the four headings of Energy Revolution, Digitalisation, Energy Markets and Initiate!. These topics are also mirrored during the Summit Programme but then with a more strategic outlook for each.

In Energy Revolution the grid edge topics and distributed energy resources are discussed including electrification of transport, smart and secure grids, energy storage and the use of hydrogen and biomethane. Among the Digitalisation topics are the powerful role of the digital twin, smart metering, cybersecurity and customers’ relationships with digital-oriented utilities.

Energy Markets is the Hub for energy traders and market analysts. The programme will feature sessions on gas market design, power price drivers, innovations in trading and monetising flexibility.

Initiate! is an exciting Hub diving into the latest tech and developments in the start-up and young talent space as well as including the more established professionals within the industry. Initiate! hosts its own Hub programme and Manifesto.

Young is excited about the prospect of the co-location of POWERGEN EUROPE with European Utility Week: “Lots of people in the market are delighted that the two shows are co-located – the coming together is just what the sector needed.”


Opening Keynote, 12th November 2019

Energy in Europe: Where do we stand?
• Is Europe truly in the leading seat when it comes to Energy? Compared to the rest of the world?
• Does Europe need an energy platform to strengthen its position?
• What are the challenges around an Integrated Business Model around Energy?
• How to ensure a level playing field in Europe to reach its full potential compared to the rest of the world?

  • Digital transformation of the Utility Industry Speakers include:
  • Khalil Rouhana, Deputy Director-General – DG CONNECT
  • Philippe Monloubou, CEO – Enedis
  • Cedrik Neike, CEO Smart Infrastructure & Member of the Managing Board – Siemens
  • Chris Peeters, CEO – ELIA Group
  • Thierry Trouvé, CEO – GRTgaz

Opening Keynote, 13th November 2019

  • Who owns the data?
  • The new psi for data from the European
  • commission
  • Utilities explaining their views on data
  • ownership
  • New players stirring the waters

Speakers include:

  • Christian Buchel, Chairman – EDSO for Smart Grids
  • Signe Horn Rosted, VP – Energinet
  • Julien Groues, GM AWS France
  • Ronnie Belmans, CEO – EnergyVille

Closing Keynote, 14th November 2019

The future role of gas in the European energy transition / Gas in a decarbonised Europe.

With the advent of the Paris Agreement,Europe has agreed to deliver on the objective of limiting global temperature rise to 1,5%. So, what then for the golden future of gas? Predicted just ten years ago to be the key energy for Europe, can gas enable decarbonisation and become part of the future European energy system? Or is gas just a bridge to a 100% renewable future?

This session will bring Europe’s leading energy players together to discuss the future role of gas in Europe to address questions such as:

  • Can we produce enough renewable and decarbonised gas to keep it competitive?
  • What is the role of sector coupling and P2G?
  • Is there an alternative to a multi-vector energy system given public support for gas in homes?
  • Can we deliver a future gas system based on hydrogen?
  • Gas infrastructure – is it fit for a decarbonised future?

You will be able to meet the leading companies and commentators on the energy transition and the role of gas.

Speakers include

  • Philippe Sauquet, President of Eurogas and President Gas, Renewables & Power and President Strategy-Innovation – Total
  • Edouard Sauvage, CEO – GRDF
  • Hans Kreisel, Chairman – GEODE
  • Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Secretary General – Hydrogen Europe