Only one in eight defined sustainable business – report


Centrica Business Solutions has released a new report looking at the importance of balancing environmental and economic considerations for businesses in the US.

According to the report Distributed Energy Future Trends:

  1. Seven in 10 businesses recognise the need for a more flexible approach to how energy is generated and used
  2.  60% of businesses predict factories and workplaces will be the power plants of the future
  3. Businesses want to work with brands that take action on the environment
  4. 79% of businesses are planning to expand onsite clean energy portfolios over the next five years
  5. 85% of businesses view organisation’s action on the environment as influential in deciding whether to use or work with a brand
  6. Only one in eight businesses are defined as a ‘sustainable business’
  7. Energy security is one of the fastest growing business risks
  8. Profitability is a key driver for sustainability – One in five view energy as an asset that generate revenue

Stephen Prince, head of Centrica Business Solutions, said; “This new research confirms that U.S. businesses continue to seize control of their energy needs.

“Companies are looking to improve their environmental performance and are finding that investing in distributed energy, on-site generation, and energy efficiency is affordable and leads to improved operational performance. From improving resilience, to demonstrating environmental benefits, to creating additional revenue from grid services, load flexibility or selling power back to the grid, there are more opportunities than ever for companies to take advantage of distributed energy.”

Read the full report here…