Renewable Energy

New and analysis of the rise of renewable energy resources, which has a significant impact on the performance and reliability of electricity grids. The integration of renewable energy into electric power systems around the world is a major trend as they must connect to existing transmission grids at a range of voltage levels. Renewable energy resources include solar power, wind power, hydroelectric energy, hydrogen and fuel cells, biomass, geothermal power and other forms of energy such as tides and hot hydrogen fusion.

Wind plants

21 wind plants for Spain thanks to €385 million from EIB...

The wind farms will be constructed in six of the country’s autonomous communities, in Asturias, Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla León, Galicia and Navarra, with enough capacity to power approximately 360,000 homes.
Thailand renewable

Thailand to boost floating solar on hydro dams

Floating solar specialists Ciel&Terre and SCG have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop floating PV systems which will be based on hydroelectric dams in Thailand.
onshore wind

Regulator takes wind power companies to court over 2016 state-wide blackout

Australia’s regulator is taking four wind energy companies to court for not meeting performance requirements during the 2016 state-wide power-outage
General Electric sustainability

New Jersey witnesses its first utility green bond

New Jersey Resources has accelerated its commitment to clean energy projects by issuing up to $150 million in green bonds.

EDF increases sustainability loans to €5 billion

By signing two sustainability-indexed revolving facilities, the French electric utility company has increased its sustainability loans to €5 billion.
Fortune 500

US wind farm activity by Fortune 500 breaks records

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has released data for Q2, indicating activity rose to new heights in the wind development sector.
EVs climate change

$50 million DoE funding for new low-carbon vehicle technologies

The DoE has announced $50 million in funding for new and innovative research of technologies to reduce emissions within the transportation industry.
first climate

UN and IRENA sign climate change and energy transition deal

The UN and IRENA will be ramping up efforts to fight climate change, and promote the transition to renewable energy.
solar pv

$2.8 million grant to advance the role played by solar in...

Kansas State University has received a three-year, $2.8 million research award from the US Department of Energy's Solar Energy Technologies Office

WFEC signs PPA with Next Era for mixed renewables/storage project

Western Farmers Electric Cooperative entered into a power purchase agreement with a unit of NextEra Energy Resources for a combined wind, solar and energy storage project.

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