Renewables power 20% of Italy’s power demand in 2019


Wind and solar parks in Italy produced 35 TWh of electricity in the first nine months of 2019, equal to 16.25% of net power production and 14.5% of total demand for the period.

Non-hydropower renewables met around 21.7% of demand for the period January-December 2019 to-date, according to statistics by power grid operator Terna SpA.

Over the same period in 2018, their share was 20.4%. In September alone, non-hydro renewable power produced enough electricity to meet 20.15% of demand.

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The table below contains details of power generation by each energy source in Italy in the period under review, rounded up:

Output in GWhSep 2019Sep 2018Jan-Dec 2019Jan-Dec 2018
Solar PV2,322,3520,6919,435
Total net generation24,0624,08215,68210,00
Total demand26,6726,99241,94242,28

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