Seven energy startups selected for IgniteX Cleantech Accelerator


Black & Veatch has selected some seven innovative technology startups to join it’s IgniteX Cleantech Accelerator.

The startups will focus on research, development, testing and commercialisation, and implementation of sustainability solutions that range from artificial intelligence and next-generation analytics to autonomous heavy equipment and electric vehicle energy management.

The aim of the IgniteX Cleantech Accelerator is to encourage partnerships between technology developers and adopters to drive sustainability gains through an increase in the adoption of renewable energy, machine learning, AI, distributed energy and smart mobility.

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The seven startups have been shortlisted from more than 120 applicants across the US. Two are Midwestern companies, one from Florida and four from the West Coast.

The startups will be supported by a five-year-old grant competition LaunchKC, a joint venture of the Downtown Council of Kansas City, Missouri and the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, Missouri.

The startups will join Black & Veatch’s 75-day programme which will include training and engineering insight to grow their business through collaboration with Black & Veatch professionals.

The startups will also be connected with potential investors, supporters and clients.

The selected startups include:

Built Robotics, San Francisco, CA, which specialises in self-driving heavy equipment to make construction safer, faster, and more productive;

ecoSPEARS, Altamone Springs, FL, which uses green technologies to extract and destroy PCBs, dioxins and other chlorinated contaminants from the environment;

Electriphi, San Francisco, CA, which deploys a software platform for fleet and energy management that provides operational and infrastructure cost savings for light, medium and heavy-duty commercial electric vehicle fleets;

Extensible Energy, Berkeley, CA, which specialises in cloud-based software that controls flexible loads to reduce demand and time-of-use energy charges in small-to-medium buildings;

InfraLytiks, Urbandale, IA, which employes software featuring AI and machine learning based on images, complex data or text/financials;

NovoNutrients, Sunnyvale, CA, which uses energy from hydrogen to transform waste carbon into protein and other high-value products for the aquaculture and animal feed industries.