Solar turbines, integrating energy solutions


Over the past years, Energy markets in developed economies have started a deep transformation. The appearance of new power generation sources based on renewable technologies, motivated by the efforts of the governments and public administrations are changing the energy models known to date.

The way energy is nowadays produced and consumed is changing, and the technological advances are questioning the standards and creating opportunities as well as new challenges.

The policies that promote and incentivize the implementation of renewable power are creating an unprecedented growth, to which the current participants need to adapt and adjust.

The variability of the new energy sources creates a technical challenge to the electrical systems, an the need of having flexible assets that can benefit from these situations, is required to continue securing the energy supply to the industrial sector for them to create value.

These efforts in renewable power are motivated by the urgency of reducing GHG, the targets of Decarbonizing the economies by 2050 are spurring all these changes and creating a sense of urgency in accomplishing them.

However, the change of the power generation asset portfolios needs to consider the reliability and security of supply of the system, and here we still see the need for complementing the new energy sources with more traditional technologies that will help us to reach our targets in 2050.

High-efficiency cogeneration based on natural gas continues to be one of the most efficient ways of producing power (electrical and thermal), where it is required (avoiding systems losses), supporting booth the energy system as well as the industrial sector.

Solar Turbines has been manufacturing high-efficiency gas turbines generating products that have to help Industrial Companies to stay competitive in their sectors while contributing since years to produce highly efficient power.

At Solar, we started identifying the need to develop systems and products that would support this energy transition that market are experiencing by the creation of a suite of solutions to help our customers to integrate their assets into this new reality.

PGM – Power Generation module

Proven design for power and cogeneration markets, Digital Capabilities, Compatible with Industry 4.0 requirements:

  • Low Emissions Options at 9, 15, and 25 ppm NOx
  • Simplified design to maximize the uptime
  • Energy Optimization – Making MORE with LESS

Provides the necessary intelligence to run the power plant to the optimum operating point, with the objective of maximize profitability within the context of changing market conditions.

Power Management Systems

The power generating technologies as increasing complexity and require the ability to work in the same environments. Manging assets of different nature (Gas turbines, engines, renewable power) becomes a challenge when deciding operational modes based on profitability.

High Hydrogen and Carbon-neutral fuels

The path to decarbonization will require alternative fuel sources to fossil fuels.

Hydrogen, Biogases, synthetic gases and gasification of biomass are fuels where Solar has already created the technology and is already operating more than one hundred of gas turbines.

Our customers can transition to 2050 retrofitting the combustion and control systems of their assets with Solar developed solutions.

Demand Side Management

The market of the Flexibility is opening new opportunities for existing generating assets, the participation of Solar customers in these markets is supported by Solar with technical solutions as well as partnerships with Energy aggregators that will ensure the maximum remuneration while supporting indirectly the expansion of renewable power.