Total wins French ground-based solar parks tender

French energy giant Total, through its renewables subsidiary Total Quadran, has been awarded with 131MWp of solar projects under the seventh round of the CRE 4 tender for ground-mounted solar parks in France.

The tender also includes a 5.6MWp solar project in the French Overseas departments and collectivities.

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More than half the capacities awarded fall under Total’s programme to solarise its industrial facilities and reuse of industrial brownfield sites, including:

  • Total’s future largest ground-mounted solar plant in France: the 50MWp solar plant in Valenciennes is the largest project awarded in the call for tenders and Total Quadran’s biggest solar plant to date. It will be installed on Total’s former refinery site that has been redeveloped by RETIA. The solar plant will supply green electricity to nearly 32,000 people when it comes on stream in 2022.
  • The largest photovoltaic power plant of the Greater Paris Region: located near the Grandpuits refinery, the 25MWp solar plant will be the largest in the Greater Paris Region. It will generate enough renewable electricity to cover the needs of nearly 17,000 people. The plant is scheduled to come on stream by 2022.

The projects of Lavéra (3MWp), located in Bouches-du-Rhône, Serpaize (5MWp) and Brignoud (4MWp), both in Isère, all located on industrial brownfield sites were also included in the winning CRE 4.7 tender.

“Total Quadran is proud to rank among France’s renewable energy leaders. The results of this call for tenders illustrate our ability to put together solid, competitive bids in an increasingly competitive environment,” said Thierry Muller, general manager of Total Quadran.

“Total’s programme to solarise industrial facilities by enhancing brownfield sites is a key factor in this success which we intend to carry on,” Muller added.

Total and low-carbon electricity

As part of its ambition to become the responsible energy major, Total is building a portfolio of low-carbon electricity operations, with the objective of seeing them account for 15 to 20% of its sales mix by 2040.

Today, Total’s gross low-carbon power generation capacity is close to 7GW, of which 3GW from renewable energy sources.

With over 6GW of solar projects announced since the beginning of 2020, the Group is well on track to reach its objective of 25GW of installed power generation capacity from renewable sources by 2025.

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