Uber launches Jump electric bicycle service in Brussels


Uber has launched its electric bicycle (e-bike) sharing service, Jump, in Brussels, with 500 e-bikes now available for city commuters.

Jump Bikes have released the e-bike fleet throughout Brussels City, Saint-Gilles, Ixelles, Etterbeek, Sint-Joost-ten-Node and Schaerbeek, and commuters book the bikes through the normal Uber mobile app.

Users are charged €1 to unlock the bike and then pay €0,15 per minute. Once a booking has been made, the user is sent a code which unlocks the bike.

“Jump is not the first provider of electric bicycle sharing,” says Nikolaas Van de Loock, general manager of Jump Belgium, when referring to the technology’s use in the city, “but it is the first with a license,” he added.

Similar to other e-bike sharing projects, the bicycles are free-floating, and can be parked anywhere within a set zone.

Brussels Mobility Minister Pascal Smet said “we still have to make customers aware not to leave bicycles on footpaths and to take pedestrians into account. But it is not the bikes that are the problem in Brussels. It’s the cars, of which there are far too many.”

Jump bikes are powered by a front-wheel electric motor, with assisted pedalling to up to 25 km/h. Batteries can be swapped, and employees replace batteries after they’ve been used. The company says the batteries are charged using green energy.

Other cities in Europe that offer the Jump Bikes service in Europe include Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid and Paris.

In the US, Jump electric bicycles are available in several US cities, including Washington, Chicago, New York, Denver, Austin, Sacramento, and Santa Cruz.

In the meantime, Octopus Energy in the UK has partnered with local e-bike sharing service Lime, who will also be powering their bikes with renewable energy. Here’s the story.