Utility subsidiary nearly doubles the energy capacity for London City Airport


A subsidiary of UK Power Networks is combining a solar pv system, combined heat and power solution, new substations and smart automation software to enhance energy resilience at the London City Airport.

A new SCADA system will be installed to remotely control the energy infrastructure.

The microgrid will increase the airport’s energy capacity from 3.6MVA to 7MVA.

The initiative is part of £500 million City Airport Development programme, and is expected to enhance the security of the energy network as well as reduce the cost of infrastructure.

The project will improve air quality around the airport – while decarbonising in line with London City Airport’s commitments.

Since 2013, London City Airport has reduced its carbon emissions per passenger by 28% since 2013.

The Airport has plans to hold a Level 3 Airport Carbon Accreditation, with the target to become carbon neutral by 2020.

Peter Adams, chief development officer of London City Airport, said: “UK Power Networks Services has a long-standing working partnership with London City Airport and the next chapter of this collaboration will embrace the latest low carbon technology to deliver growth more sustainably. Their continued support, well into the future for both the ongoing investment programme and the wider energy strategy, as well as the continued management of the electricity distribution network, will ensure we are best placed to maximize our commitment to sustainability and the environment.”

Ian Smyth, director of UK Power Networks Services, said: “We are excited to deliver this turnkey solution for our valued client. We are designing, building, operating, maintaining and financing this innovative solution. Our ability to bring these technologies together delivers triple bottom line benefits for the airport – lower cost, greater resilience and help towards the UK’s decarbonisation agenda.

“Microgrids are the holy grail of new sustainable renewable energy networks. Finding ways to make microgrids economically viable and self-funding has challenged global energy markets for decades.

“We’re proud to be a long-term partner with such an ambitious airport as London City that is committed to transforming the passenger experience, bringing innovation and long-term sustainability. We will continue to work together to identify innovative ways of addressing the airport’s energy requirements.”