UL to verify renewable generation in Mexico


The Centro Nacional de Control de Energía (CENACE), Mexico’s national energy operator, has selected UL to provide wind and solar energy generation forecast services.

UL will provide monitor renewable energy generation at forty-three locations, twice a day, for participation in the country’s wholesale energy market.

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CENACE will use the wind and solar energy forecasts as inputs to determine if the daily offers that enter the short-term energy market are accurate. 

Data that UL will provide CENACE with include wind speed per hour and the global hourly irradiation (W/m2) predictions up to eight days in advance near existing renewable energy locations. 

The contract is valid for a period of 24 months.

CENACE will use the data to come up with renewable energy generation models for the whole of Mexico.

Ken Pennock, global director of Grid Solutions, UL, said: “We are very pleased to be working with CENACE to support reliable grid operations in Mexico.”

Globally, UL provides forecast services for more than 75GW of installed wind and solar generation capacity for over 1,300 utility-scale sites and distributed generation forecasts for over 7,000MW of photovoltaic solar systems at the zonal or substation level, covering over 380,000 homes and businesses.