Vattenfall delivers 24/7 ‘matching’ solution for Swedish data centres


Swedish data centre operator Conapto has adopted Vattenfall’s 24/7 renewables matching solution for fossil free energy.

Conapto becomes the first company to adopt the solution after Microsoft, with which it was developed and piloted in 2019, and will start using it in November.

The solution was designed for customers to move from year-based data to hourly based data on the source of origin of their energy to ensure their renewable energy commitments are met.

The solution is built with SmartUtility on Microsoft’s Azure IoT Central platform to connect energy generation from sources such as wind and hydro power from Vattenfall with data from smart meters that measure consumption in real-time.

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“This is a completely new level of transparency where we, with the help from Vattenfall, can get the energy we want, every hour,” says Håkan Björklund CEO of Conapto.

“We can monitor that our commitment to 100 per cent fossil-free energy covers each hour of consumption and learn how our consumption fits the production profile of the sources we prefer as well as show it in real time to our customers. We can also adjust our consumption to better fit the availability of a certain kind of electricity produced.”

Conapto has the goal of sustainability through the whole value chain and has been using Guarantees of Origin for over ten years in its data centres in Sätra and Sollentuna in Sweden.

Guarantees of Origin, however, reflect average consumption and production over long time periods, typically a year, without considering when the production and consumption take place.

With the matching solution, the company can see what energy they get in near real time, on a dashboard that they can also share with employees, customers and other stakeholders.