Verizon extends partnership with ENGIE to meet 2025 renewables goal


ENGIE Impact, a subsidiary of multinational utility ENGIE Group, has extended its partnership with consultancy firm Verizon to help the firm to meet its sustainability goals.

Verizon will leverage ENGIE Impact’s resource data and strategic analytics-based insights to source renewable energy equal to 50% of its total electric usage by 2025.

ENGIE will help Verizon to analyse and shape its renewable energy strategy, including the design and implementation of the company’s procurement strategies with the optimisation of renewable energy sources.

Previously, Verizon made use of ENGIE’s solutions to optimise its water and energy management across all business units.

ENGIE Impact will also continue to collaborate closely with Verizon to support other sustainability initiatives, including waste management and carbon reduction efforts

“Digital solutions are the foundation for large scale sustainability transformation, which is extremely complex and impact all aspects of a business,” said Olivier Biancarelli Executive Vice President of Customer Solutions at ENGIE. “Verizon sets an extremely high standard for applying resource data and analytics in a holistic way, which is critical to setting achievable sustainability objectives and measuring progress toward those objectives.”

 “As Verizon continues strengthening its sustainability commitments and improving the energy efficiency of its operations, the development of robust data-driven operational insights is more important than it’s ever been,” said Anthony Calderan, Director – Energy and Sustainability at Verizon. “With more than a decade of institutional knowledge and a deep understanding of the complexity of the telecom industry, ENGIE Impact provides us with the enterprise-wide detailed data and analysis needed to identify the opportunities and risks associated with specific strategies feeding our sustainability goals.”