World’s largest wind turbine secured for the world’s largest wind farm


The wind farm touted to be the biggest in the world upon completion, Dogger Bank Wind Farms, will also be equipped with the world’s largest wind turbines, thanks to the order by development partners Equinor and SSE Renewables.

Dogger Bank Wind Farms, located 130 kilometres of the coast of Yorkshire, England, is made up of three projects with a total capacity of 3.6GW, the equivalent consumption of 4,3 million homes per year.

The three sites will be equipped with GE Renewable Energy’s Haliade-X turbine, which boasts a massive 107 metre-long blade. For context, this is greater than the height of the Statue of Liberty, or 9 London busses placed end-to-end.

The projects, which could provide approximately 5% of Great Britain’ generation, won its bid in the UK government’s latest Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme, noted for having achieved record low prices for offshore wind.

Bjørn Ivar Bergemo, Dogger Bank Wind Farms Project Director said: “Our success in the CfD auction was due in large part to the relationships we have built with our supply chain, which enabled the lowest ever strike prices. The Haliade-X represents a step-change in turbine technology and we look forward to working with GE Renewable Energy to maximise innovation and supply chain benefits for the UK.”

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Partner SSE Renewables will lead development and construction efforts on the three projects whilst Equinor will lead operations once the sites are operational.

The projects are expected to generate approximately €10.5 million in capital investment between 2020 and 2026 with generation expected from 2023.