10 years later: The second phase of the electricity prepay project in Curacao


Conference: Metering Central America & Caribbean 2007
Location: Bogota, Colombia
Presenter: Anthon Casperson
Abstract: Presented by Anthon Casperson at Metering Central America & Caribbean 2007

In 1997 Aqualectra was confronted with certain challenges with regard to its relationship with its customers, this as a consequence of the socio economic situation of the island of Curaçao is those days. The amount of overdue or non payment clients was increasing as well as the amount of theft or tempering with meter devices. Because of this situation the collection process became more and more complex and time consuming as well as the necessary provisions for doubtful accounts needed to be increased. Because of this situation also the pressure from the Government became more tangible for the company to come up with a solution.

Based on the adopted policy assumptions of the company, the solution was sought in implementing a prepayment system for the customers. The main objectives for this project were directed, in finding solutions:

  1. For the customers based on which they can use and pay for the utility products in a balanced way.
  2. For the company based on which the process of dis-/reconnection can be rationalize, minimizing the credit lines and outstanding arrears as well as improving the companies image.

Considering the abovementioned objectives the prepayment project has been prepared and executed. One of the important critical success factors for this project was the economic model, in which al the identified assumptions have been incorporated in order for the planning and execution of the project to be successful.

Now, 10 years later a total amount of 16,000 prepayment meters has been installed which is equivalent with 26% of the client base of Aqualectra. It can be concluded that the prepayment concept is fully accepted by the community, while the demand for the prepayment solution is still increasing, where as this solution is also applied in the Islands endeavor against poverty.