10 years later: The second phase of the electricity prepay project in Curacao


Speaker: Anthon Casperson
Position: Acting Chief Executive Officer, Aqualectra, Curaçao
Company: Aqualectra
Country: Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles

Anthon Casperson is acting president & CEO of Aqualectra.

Anthon was born in Curaçao. After graduating secondary school on his native island he went in 1977 for his advance college studies to Eindhoven in the Netherlands where he was graduated for his bachelor degree in Business Administration. After his military service in the Royal Dutch Army he has worked for the Civil Servants Pension Fund (ABP) in the Netherlands from 1984 till 1992. He has occupied several (management-) positions in the legal and auditing departments of the Fund. In 1992 he returned to Curaçao, where he was employed in different financial and accounting management position until 1997, by the local utility distribution company KODELA.

In 1995 he has graduated from the International Management Centre at Buckingham, Great Britain, for his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree ‘with distinction’.

From 1997 till 1999 he was appointed as a management consultant with the Effective Management Group N.V. in Curaçao where he was involved with the restructuring of the utility companies of Curaçao. This project was successfully implemented after which he was nominated and appointed as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Integrated Utility Holding N.V. doing business as Aqualectra. He has occupied this senior management position up until June 2006, after which he has been appointed by the Board of Supervisory Directors of Aqualectra as the acting President & CEO of Aqualectra.

Anthon is currently 48 years old, has 2 children and is in his spare free time passionately involved in sports (cycling and sea kayaking).