2009: The year of ZigBee smart energy for HAN


Conference: World Meter Design Congress
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Presenter: Bob Heile
Abstract: Presented by Bob Heile at World Meter Design Congress

In 2008, the ZigBee Alliance laid the groundwork for a revolution in home energy management. The Alliance ratified the ZigBee Smart Energy public application profile, an open standard application for energy management. It certified dozens of new Smart Energy-compliant devices. It announced that several major utilities will be deploying millions of Smart Energy-compliant electricity meters starting in 2009. What will consumers, utilities, policymakers, and others experience in 2009 as this revolution takes hold?

ZigBee is an open global standard used to connect consumers and commercial devices to the electric grid in support of energy efficiency programs prompted by governments and utility companies around the world. These programs use ZigBee to create two-way communication and control of ZigBee devices inside of homes, giving utility companies a “last foot/meter” wireless connection into home area networks.  ZigBee links devices starting with the utility meter and reaches thermostats, household appliances, heating/cooling, lighting systems and other household appliances.  For utility companies, ZigBee enables a standards-based approach to a myriad of energy efficiency programs.  These new energy management programs directly benefit everyone as utilities grapple with rapidly growing demand for energy.

2009 will be a year of challenge and success, learning and growth. Bob Heile from ZigBee Alliance will discuss:

  • ZigBee’s role in addressing energy efficiency programs for electric and utility companies
  • Concrete developments in home energy management that are likely to occur in 2009
  • How an open global standard like ZigBee can be the catalyst for change