Conference: Smart Metering West Coast 2006
Location: San Fransisco
Presenter:Tom D. Tamarkin
Abstract: Presented by Tom Tamarkin at Smart Metering West Coast 2006. The National interest is best served through an energy strategy that includes conservation as well as fuel diversity.  Conservation of utility commodities including electricity, natural gas, LPG, fuel oil, and water is greatly enhanced through consumer education.  The importance of conservation must become a part of our society’s value system.  Demand Response should be predicated on real-time information including current rate, accumulated use and ongoing real-time consumption in monetary terms. The recent Domenici-Barton Energy Policy Act of 2005 creates obligations for both the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regarding Demand Response policy and action plans.  There is an opportunity to create conditions that will stimulate private sector innovation leading to the commercial availability of a myriad of new products and services that will allow consumers to better manage their use of energy.  A kilowatt saved has greater benefit than a kilowatt generated