A proposal for the standardization of remote metering systems in Brazil


Conference: Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Presenter: Jorge Venâncio
Abstract: Presented by Jorge Venâncio at Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America

The present has as objective to describe the framework of a standard for on site remote meter reading systems for water and gas, typically used in condominiums with apartments at the Brazilian large cities.

Initially it will be described the state of the art of the utilization of theses systems in Brazil, taking into consideration its insipience as well as the problems related with their utilization. It will be listed the necessities of the players involved with this market, like for example, the condominiums, the state managers,  gas and water utilities as well as the remote metering reading systems providers. Then it will me made a description of the proposed standard and the issues to be covered.

At the end, an analysis will be made a correlation between the necessities of the market and the framework of the proposed standard as well as the plan to this elaboration