Advanced Metering – Smart Water Management for Water Providers


Conference: Smart Energy Canada
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Presenter: Brian Fiut
Abstract: Presented by Brian Fiut at Smart Energy Canada

In an industry where some utilities still estimate customer consumption, the notion or importance of advanced metering can be missed. Yet today’s world demands more from water providers, to deliver good customer service, a reliable supply of water and smart resource stewardship, all at acceptable rates. Advanced metering helps water providers to deliver on the above demands.

With advanced metering, water providers are able to collect interval meter data to better manage water demand by knowing who is using how much water and when. Data logging helps water providers to manage water conservation programs and program compliance. Advanced metering offers water customers the water usage information they need to make informed decisions about their consumption and to understand their role in conservation measures.

Water leaks were long considered part of doing business, but it is impossible to manage water that is lost to leaks. Distribution System leaks account for up to 30% of water pumped. Stopping those leaks Reduces non-revenue water losses and associated water costs. Acoustic leak detection, offered with advanced metering systems, offers unattended round-the-clock monitoring for system leaks. Proactive leak detection helps save water and minimizes liability exposure and repair costs of major leak events.

Advanced metering also improves operational efficiencies by proactively notifying customers of in-home leaks, thus averting high bills and reducing lost water. 24/7 in-home leak detection makes it possible.

Providing real-time bill dispute resolution using historical data and on-request meter reads is another level of customer service offered with advanced metering.

Water conservation is not often equated with energy conservation, yet energy costs for water pumping are high. Water providers using advanced metering enabled time-based rate programs are able to limit exposure to high electricity rates during energy peak pricing periods by reducing water demand flow and associated pumping requirements during those periods.

This presentation will thoroughly discuss advanced metering, its advantages and how utilities benefit. Itron, the industry leader will offer a non-commercial look into advanced metering and present case study references from its broad customer base.