An outline of the smart metering system implementation program


Conference: Smart Metering Canada 2007
Location: Toronto, Canada
Presenter: Bill Limbrick
Abstract: Bill Limbrick at Smart Metering Canada 2007

As a subset of the government’s Smart Metering Initiative (SMI), the Smart Metering System Implementation Program (SMSIP) pertains specifically to the design and delivery of the Meter Data Management/Repository (MDM/R) functionality and the successful integration of Local Distribution Companies’ (LDCs) AMI and CIS systems. with the MDM/R, once each is proven capable of delivering its required level of performance. 

The SMI itself is a part of a larger package of initiatives introduced by the Ontario Government that seeks to create a conservation culture in Ontario and make the Province a North American leader in energy efficiency.   The specific objective of the SMI is to install a smart meter in every home and small business in Ontario. The installation is to proceed in two stages, by first installing smart meters in 800,000 homes and small businesses by the end of 2007 and by installing the remainder by 2010.

LDCs are responsible for purchasing, owning, installing, operating, and maintaining AMI.  LDCs are also responsible for receiving billing quantity data and maintaining the interface with their customers. The IESO, as the SMSIP co-ordinator is responsible for the provision of the MDM/R and the defintion of its incoming and outgoing interfaces.
The role of the MDM/R is to provide a common infrastructure for:

  • Receiving meter reads and other data from all AMI in Ontario;
  • Processing the meter reads to produce billing quantity data for customers;
  • Storing, managing, and maintaining all data (including meter data, meter reads, consumption data and billing quantity data) to support LDCs in dealing with billing enquiries, audits and customer presentment; and 
  • Providing timely access to such data to authorized parties.

The MDM/R is scheduled to be registering installed meters, processing data and making it available to CIS/Billing systems in the summer of this year.

This presentation describes the make-up of the SMSIP (with particular emphasis on the MDM/R), what has been achieved to date and where the program is going.