BGE’s Smart Energy Savers Program

Conference: Smart Metering East Coast
Location: Washington, DC
Presenter: Michael Butts
Abstract: Presented by Michael Butts at Smart Metering East Coast

The building of transmission and generation facilities to support the countries increasing energy demands is becoming less viable as environmental issues and public concern make these projects difficult to get approved and built.  Instead, utilities are turning towards new technologies, alternative pricing structures and energy saving methods to reduce peak energy demand and overall energy consumption. 

This presentation will review Baltimore Gas and Electric Company’s Smart Energy Savers Program, a publicly announced effort to support energy management efforts through the use of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Demand Response Infrastructure (DRI), Dynamic Pricing (critical peak pricing / peak time rebate) and Conservation.  BGE is currently in the RFP evaluation and/ or pilot phase for these programs, so the presentation will focus on the considerations and learning from the RFP and pilot process that lead into full deployment decisions.