Building the intelligent electricity network


Conference: Metering, Billing, CRM/CIS Latin America 2005.
Location: Sao Paulo
Presenter: Daisy Santana

As increasing demand pushes aging grids to the breaking point, electricity distribution companies around the world face a dilemma. On one side, demand for high quality, uninterrupted service continues to grow. On the other hand, regulators are loath to allow utilities to raise rates to pay for dearly needed infrastructure improvements. These challenges give rise to a set of strategic imperatives which require distribution company action.
Distribution companies have distinct options on how to tackle these challenges as they address equipment, infrastructure, and technology upgrades.

Moving to an intelligent network—based on advanced network analytics, automated meter management, remote asset monitoring and control, mobile Workforce management and IPenabled
network communications can help distribution companies extend equipment life, prioritize the replacement of assets, defer costly network upgrades and prevent network failures. Moreover, distribution companies operating intelligent networks will have a much stronger business case to present when they seek regulatory approval for asset investments. In each of these ways, the transformation to an intelligent network will enable electricity grids to deliver better service without sudden increases in price. Automated Metering is increasing playing a critical role in the evolution of the Intelligent Electricity Network and is playing a key role in the next generation of outage management, demand response and customer service improvements.

This presentation will explore the key issues distribution companies face, the tough choices they face, the role of metering, and the benefits of transformation to an intelligent electricity network