Business, Customer and Community Benefits and Costs of Meeting the New Victorian Energy Services Commission Regulatory Regime


Conference: Metering, Billing, CRM/CIS Australia and New Zealand 2005.
Location: Melbourne
Presenter: Ian Day
Abstract:  South East Water is a State owned company that was formed in 1995. The company provides water supply and sewerage services in an area of approximately 3,640 square kilometres, for 1.3 million customers in the south east region of Melbourne. Types of properties supplied vary enormously from high rise apartment developments in Port Melbourne to holiday homes on the Mornington Peninsula, and from industrial properties in Mordialloc and Dandenong to farms in Bunyip and beyond. A major source of our income relies on the water meters at each property.

A review of Australia’s Standards and Conformance Infrastructure conducted in 1995 recommended the introduction of processes to bring Australia in line with International Standards.  The aim was to improve competition by creating an open market place, and to provide equity to customers by ensuring that only accurate water meters are installed. To this end utility meters were incorporated in the National Measurement Act.

The national legislation ensures that meters are accurate when installed, however it is also necessary to maintain accuracy once meters are in the field. To this end, the Victorian Utility Meter (Metrological Controls) Bill came into effect on January 1 2003, and included requirements for the in-service compliance for utility meters.

Consumer Affairs Victoria, Standards Australia, and a number of utilities are currently developing a Standard for in-service compliance for water meters Addressing this legislation.  This presentation will discuss the issues involved with developing the Standard and the challenges it poses for the Water Industry.

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