California AMI project initiatives


Conference: Smart Metering West Coast
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
Presenter: Moises Chavez
Abstract: Presented by Moises Chavez at Smart Metering West Coast


1. 2002 Demand Response and Advanced Metering Rulemaking

  1. Rulemaking to address policies to develop demand response as a resource to enhance system reliability, reduce power purchase and individual consumer costs, and protect the environment
  2. Demand response uncertainty for residential and small commercial and industrial (C&I) customers leads to a 2-year Statewide Pricing Pilot
  3. Commission sets demand response targets for the three investor owned utilities (IOUs)
  4. Commission establishes cost/benefit analysis framework and directs the IOUs to file their AMI project proposals
  5. Commission establishes the minimum functionality requirement criteria for the AMI systems

2. July of 2006 the Commission approves PG&E’s AMI project proposal

  1. Overview of PG&E’s AMI project
  2. Proven vs. new metering technology
    1. Proprietary nature of metering technology
    2. Semi-annual assessment of advances in the metering technologies
  3. Cost effectiveness requirement
  4. Rate design statutory limitations

3. April of 2007 the Commission approves multi-party settlement for San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E’s) for its proposed AMI project proposal

  1. Overview of SDG&E’s AMI project
  2. Cost effectiveness
    1. Home Area Network (HAN) and Remote Connect/Disconnect requirement
  3. Technology Advisory Panel (TAP)

4. Overview of SCE’s AMI project proposal

  1. SCE’s AMI pre-deployment approval