Candidate services for communicating metering platforms


Conference: Metering, Billing, CRM/CIS Australia and New Zealand 2005.
Location: Melbourne
Presenter: Graham Hodge
Abstract:  Smart meters have long been a solution in search of the problem. Not any more. Those applying new metering technologies are lifting their game, setting clear objectives and building well-structured business models for deploying these new communications-ready metering systems. This paper is concerned with the generic form of these new metering systems and the nature of services they are likely to support. While the platform technologies are clearly important, they should not dominate the investment decisions. The services to be offered over these platforms should determine the features the platform needs (in turn determining the choice of technology), not the other way around. This paper examines the emerging concept of a fully networked metering platform and the range and nature of the services which may arise as a result.